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Adobe Dreamweaver provides its own API as well as support for the Common Extensibility Platform (CEP), which offers you the flexibility of using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build extensions for Dreamweaver and other Adobe CC apps. Dreamweaver also supports extensions built in C++. Your Dreamweaver plug-ins and panels can extend the Dreamweaver UI, add powerful features for building web apps and working with database sources, and automate entire cross-application workflows.

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Adobe Dreamweaver is a powerful software programming and web design product produced by Adobe, which is used by many professional web designers. Be the best in coding and web design. You can easily write your code at high speed, and despite the different colors for each part of the tags, it makes it much easier to analyze the written code.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2021 + Portable (Win/MacOS)

Adobe Dreamweaver also allows you to instantly view the output of written code, and with just one click you can see the result of your code on the local. You can even share your work on the Internet with others. We have already prepared the Windows version, Mac and version without the need to install Dreamweaver in this section of the site.

Adobe Dreamweaver Features:

  • Graphical and user-friendly interface
  • Ability to identify written code intelligently
  • Ability to share projects on the web with others
  • Ability to support various web page formats such as: ASP, js, PHP, XML, HTML, JSP, CSS, ASPX and…
  • Ability to check the output of codes inside the program
  • Ability to upload pages on hosts and servers
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Intelligent coding capability of WordPress codes
  • Full compatibility with Adobe Photoshop software and PSD format
  • Ability to communicate with other Adobe products
  • Increase the speed of the software compared to previous versions
  • Ability to view how to display the site designed on mobile using Adobe Device Central

More information on the official site

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